Road trip! 5/11-5/15

Stop one!

I will be on vacation May 11th – May 15th.

I will be taking a little tour of the southern part of the good ole U S of A y’all. I fly into Memphis and from there I’m renting a car and who knows where i will end up. Nashville, Little Rock, Birmingham.. who knows. I haven’t spent a lot of time in the south but I did enjoy my time in Georgia once upon a time (Coca Cola museum!) Where ever i end up i will take in whatever the local area has to offer, be it a Presidential Center, historic battlefield or state park. Plus I will eat BBQ,  say Y’all and truly enjoy the southern gentlemen who inhabit the south. They have manners that most men lack.

If you want to book a session it would be best to get on my rapidly filling up schedule before i head out for my southern adventure. I’ll be available when i get home after the 15th  to torment you either in the SFV or by LAX at the new Sanctuary dungeon. (formerly Passive Arts)