Sex Toy Fashion Show

Locked up!

March 3rd is International Sex Workers Rights Day. Yes, Dommes are sex workers. In honor of the day i attended a sex toy fashion show put on by SWOP-LA that’s the Sex Workers Outreach Project Los Angeles. I that many chapters nation wide and i like to support my local sex worker activist friends so i went. I was also lucky enough to attend with the always beautiful and wonderful Ms Justine Cross – Los Angeles Dominatrix ( she likes it when you write it all out ) I was curious as to how they were planing on a sex toy fashion show as they are not exactly always wearable items. Of course i had forgotten strap ons! It was quite the fun time and there were films after about sex work. What is sex work, some PSAs about trafficking and how sex workers need to be part of that solution and not be left out in the cold by the anti trafficking groups which are so often these days just anti prostitution or anti sex work groups. It was quite the interesting event.

SWOP-LA does good work and they deserve your support.