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Social Distancing?

Bored? Need some way to pass the time…. be careful its addicting….

Get Addicted… Isolate yourself, be enslaved by my hypnotic trance.


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New Erotic Hypnosis Sessions!

New femdom hypnosis sessions available for all my special perverts!

Whats your pleasure?

Bedwetting, forcedbi, traditional inductions, loss of cock control, sissy training…. the possibilities are endless.

Fall down my rabbit hole. Be forever changed.

Niteflirt Hang Out Its like Twitter For Niteflirt Users

So an enterprising flirt on Niteflirt has created a twitter like space for Niteflirt users. This is a NF approved site which is really interesting. I have created a profile there and if you are a Niteflirt user, you should make a profile and follow me. Any flirts who follow I of course will follow back.

Follow me here: http://nfhangout.com/JennyDeMilo


If you use your twitter handle as your sign up i might even recognize you. It’s brand new but i’m posting every day. Follow me for free stuff, shout outs, early bird specials, promo codes and all things Niteflirt. I’ll be using it to announce availability to call as well. So you wanna get in on this.


Femdom Hypnosis Sessions, New!

New Sessions released on Erotic Femdom Hypnosis! Now is your chance to get all the femdom hypnosis you can gobble down. New sessions have been released. from Small Penis humiliation, homewrecking, forcebi and a whole lot more. I’m always exploring with new fetishes.



Personalized Sessions

From time to time I open up sales for personalized sessions. These are unique affirmation sessions designed specifically for you. When the page is up and orders are open you don’t need to do anything except for purchase the sessions then email me your name (to be used in the session) and your fetish niche – after my email response you are on my schedule and I will get the session download link to you in a couple weeks. Sometimes I can get them to you sooner.

How to order:  http://www.eroticfemdomhypnosis.com/personalized-sessions/

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get exactly what it is you want.

Stroke Fiend 8, Programmed

Stroke Fiend 8, Programmed

Continuing your training you are now a cum eating machine. Its a vicious cycle. Constantly stroking and slurping up your own cum. You’re aroused more and more often unable to shake the need to take your cock out and jerk its sore redness out of it. Your compulsion is growing, your humiliation at what you are becoming increases. You are being programmed. Programmed into the ultimate stroke fiend.

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Metamorphosis Part Two- Homewrecking Session

MatamorphTwo_ARTPart two takes you even further into home-wrecking and mind fuck femdom hypnosis then part one did and that was pretty far.  face it, your marriage is doomed because you love cock more then you love your wife. The pull of cock is so strong that you know its only a matter of time before you are fully devoted to cock. the more you think about your wife the more you know the only vow you want to make it to your love of cock. You know that you made a horrible mistake. You can not love and honor her, you can only love and honor cock!
But it NOW ….

Buy from JennyDeMilo through Niteflirt.com

Limp Dick Forever

LIMPFOREVERStrong libido modification trance training. Impotency training and conditioning. You will be trained and your body will be modified. Your once hard cock will get limper and limper, softer and softer. Your male hormones will depart and you will no longer be able to get hard from sexual arousal. You will get excited and aroused but your cock will no longer work properly. Erections will soon be a thing of the past. The humiliation and shame will be immense and that too will sexually excite you. Intense trance training with the goal of being permanently impotent!
Includes: transformation, flaccidity training, slave training, loss of cock control, humiliation, shame, intense arousal, subliminal suggestions, mind control, body control, brainwashing, back tracks, all the bells and whistles

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Buy from JennyDeMilo through Niteflirt.com

Spring is for cuckolding

SUBMIT2BLKCOCK_ARTSeems with the warmer weather of spring all the cuckolds come out from under their inferior rocks and want to play. I have a new series in the works just for dirty little cuckolds. For cuckolds who know that black cock will always be better then their useless small nothing cocks. Its true and they know it…. I know it and the women in theor loves know it. Now its time to live it.

Be trained to be the cuckold you know you are …. its time for you to

Because you know you are Cuckolded to superior black cock 

Click, Buy, Transform


Sissy Training

I have a few sissy sites, seems you adorable little sissy perverts just need more more more. Greedy little bitches all of you. Because of popular demand i have two sissy sites for you.


Both should make your girly hearts go pitter patter.

Get out and vote!

Voting is not just a right its a responsibility. Its also the patriotic thing to do. I know its a pain in the ass, especially if you are unlucky enough to live in Florida where the lines are ridiculous for early voting and the will be just as stupid long on election day. (thanks a lot Gov Rick “lerch” Scott) But its your duty, its the right thing to do AND as i did with the last presidential election it will get a free stuff from me Jenny DeMIlo. Yes, I’m doing it again this year! How it works is simple.

1. Go vote!

2. Email  me a photo of  you holding your  ” I have voted” sticker or ballot receipt (Jenny@goodtimejenny.com)

3. There is no 3 that’s it.

I will send out a free hypnosis MP3  to everyone who sends me proof that they braved the lines, cold and poll watchers to do their civic duty and vote. I don’t care who you vote for, i just care that you vote. You can obscure your face in your voting pic hell stick your “I have voted” sticker on your ass and send it to me if you want. I don’t care and yes  your “I voted early” sticker counts too! Be creative or be boring its up to you but make sure to let me know if i can post your photo cuz last time i got some awesome photos but forgot that part so only I got to see them!

You have until Nov the 7th 2012 at 12 noon EST to send in that pic and that evening I will send out the free hypnosis Mp3….So get out there and vote!

Venus In Furs?

Kitten with a whip

The difference between domination and phone sex… do I really need to break this down? Yes, it seems I do because so many of you are confused (that’s the nice way of putting it) when it comes to the differences of each activity. Look I get it, domination turns you on, it makes your cock hard, it turns your little helpless mind to mush.  That doesn’t mean I want to spend my time entertaining your cock and catering to your needs in sessions. I don’t. I really, really, don’t. Its not what I’m about. I’m not here to service you.  However if your needs match up with my domination desires then we are a good match. If you get off on what I like to do, then hallelujah were a good match. If you want me to spend an hour on the phone talking dirty to you and getting you close to coming then backing up then doing it all over and over and over again.. Yeah fuck off. So not interested in being your masturbatory phone fuck toy. In person if you requested that, id likely bat my eyelashes, giggle,  sweetly tie you up, then when you couldn’t move i’d then spit in your face and spend the rest of the hour making fun of your trite fucked up little boy vanilla fantasy and ridicule you for making the stupid mistake of not knowing who you were dealing with.

Sounds like a fun time to me. What not what you expected? Hello… Dominatrix

DC Dominatrix

DC Dominatrix washingto dominatrix washington dc dominatrixWashington DC Dominatrix…I’m well on my way. I will be living in the Washington DC metro area and taking appointments beginning December 2011. I’m also looking for dungeon space to rent for sessions. Until i can secure space I will be offering outcalls only, to homes, upscale hotels and dungeons you secure. If you happen to know of anyone or any commercial space that is available for session rental to professional Dommes such as myself, please put me in touch with them. It will tickle me pink. Until i am settled same day sessions are not possible so please plan ahead if you would like me to make you crawl and whimper 🙂


Washington DC Dominatrix

washington DC dominatrix

Pink hair and long legs

Washington DC Dominatrix:  Yes that will be me. I’m relocating to Washington DC and will be living there in about a month. You lucky little politicos and feds! You will now have one of Los Angeles Premiere Dominatrices in living in your midst. I will be taking sessions as soon as I am settled but feel free to email me an introduction if you are so inclined to get the ball rolling and get a jump on everyone else as i’m sure i will be very in demand once I’m a permanent resident of DC.

I will be looking for commercial dungeon space to rent on a per session basis once I arrive in Washington DC , if you have the hook up or know of who i should be making that inquiry to, please do tell.


Follow directions

Be good or be gone

Its probably a good idea to follow directions if you call for a session. Be that a phone, online or in person session. If you dont you might just get hung up on, or ignored and blocked forever or even yelled at.  Asking a lot of stupid questions after you’ve already been told how to proceed in the lame attempt to get a little hot talk outta me, yeah that’s not going to work. I understand that it can be intimidating to contact a Domme for the first time but don’t let the fact that the idea of being dominated makes your cock twitch as an excuse to forget how to be respectful. Asking me or any Domme 3 times if shes good at what she does cuz you just need to be sure while i can clearly hear you being breathy and likely stroking your non existent cock will get you nothing…ever. So remember use your manners and dont try to pull one over on me, cuz it ain’t my first time at the rodeo!


Vacation Aug 3rd-8th

Vegas Baby

I’ll be unavailable and on vacation Aug 3rd-8th. Heading to Sin City where I will no doubt dish up a healthy portion of sin. Gambling with the ballers, cocktails with hot men. Its kinda what i do. I will not be phone reachable so don’t call you can however  please submit all questions in email 😉

See you in a week

Double Domme Sessions With Ms Devyne

Miss Ashley

My very good friend Ms Ashley Devyne will being coming to visit me on Thursday July 14th (yes Bastille Day!) I thought it might be fun to offer some double Domme Sessions. Ashley is a strong, articulate, skilled and wildly erotic powerful women and you should consider yourself lucky to be in the same room with her let alone get the opportunity to  session with her and i together. Its a double trouble dream come true.

She will be here for a few days on an impromptu vacation only and we will be accepting sessions for just a few short days or until we get bored. So don’t dilly dally!

Special session rates if you say you read the double offerings on my blog of 425 for a 1 hour double Domme session and 825 for a 2 hour double Domme session. Extended sessions, public outings, and overnight torments are possible, email me for info.

On vacation July 6-12


Yeah you heard me. I’ll be on vacation July 6th-12th and not available for sessions. You should have booked me before i left now you are going to lose out and have to wait until my return. This time I’ll be in California wine country. Having live in California all my life this is a trip I’ve never taken before and its about time i did.

Little known fact, i grow my own grapes. This year its too hot, too early and they are already shriveling on the vine.  Cie la vie, it happens and the birds are not disappointed because they have been pillaging those shriveled soon to be raisins for a week now. I really should get out there with the camera and document them before there is nothing left of them.

I’ll be back and ready for sessions on July 13th.  I will have access to email for question and but please don’t call me on vacation to ask a bunch of stupid questions about last minute session i wont be able to schedule.

Cum Bath – Femdom Hypnosis

Cum Bath Hypnosis

Cum Bath femdom erotic hypnosis, Its  for the serious cum enthusiast. I know you already love cock. Seriously i know. I can tell by how  popular my cock worship and cock obsession Mp3s are how much cock preoccupies so many of my femdom hypnosis fans. So lets see how much you love cum, splodge, seamen, jizz, baby batter. Especially you sissy sluts, you seem to love the joy juice.

I’ve release with  my occasional hypnosis collaborator Sal DeBain, Cum Bath. Its got all the bells and whistles, subliminal suggestions, back tracks, back masking, not to mention it’s powerful vocally and emotionally. Plus it’s professionally produced and arranged (by Sal). What more do you want in cum eating hypnosis training?I know … nothing. It’s sublime.

Take a listen: Cum Bath PREVIEW

Doubles with Goddess Helena

Goddess Helena!

Hey guess what.. I’m now offering doubles with the ever beautiful and down right amazing Goddess Helena. Helena has her own unique style and loves to make sessions something you will never forget. Now you can never  forget the two of us… together.. how lucky are you. Not for the week of heart but for a lucky few it will be an amazing experience you will never be able to forget.

Sploshing with Jenny

One thing i love about my job as a professional Dominatrix is that you never know how your day is going to end up. Sex work in general is like that. Sometimes you are just surprised. I as the other day with a sploshing request. Not a common request for me so i jumped at the opportunity to get wet and messy. I had so much more fun then i expected to and … i got pictures!


No pictures please

Chocolate sauce and sexy feet

I spelled my name in syrup

Sploshed Ass

Completly covered in goo

Road trip! 5/11-5/15

Stop one!

I will be on vacation May 11th – May 15th.

I will be taking a little tour of the southern part of the good ole U S of A y’all. I fly into Memphis and from there I’m renting a car and who knows where i will end up. Nashville, Little Rock, Birmingham.. who knows. I haven’t spent a lot of time in the south but I did enjoy my time in Georgia once upon a time (Coca Cola museum!) Where ever i end up i will take in whatever the local area has to offer, be it a Presidential Center, historic battlefield or state park. Plus I will eat BBQ,  say Y’all and truly enjoy the southern gentlemen who inhabit the south. They have manners that most men lack.

If you want to book a session it would be best to get on my rapidly filling up schedule before i head out for my southern adventure. I’ll be available when i get home after the 15th  to torment you either in the SFV or by LAX at the new Sanctuary dungeon. (formerly Passive Arts)

It’s called torture for a reason

Shut up and take it

Let’s get this straight there’s a reason its called nipple TORTURE. Its supposed to hurt, its supposed to be unpleasant, over simulated and uncomfortable. That’s part of the charm that is nipple torture. You’re supposed to take it, take the pain because it amuses me, entertains me or just because i said so. I’ll clamp them, clip them, squeeze them, pinch them, slap them, bite them if i feel like it. I expect you to handle it, endure it, deal with it. I dont expect you to request nipple torture, tell me how you love it, how it turns you on and gets you off then then whine like a little fucking girl that it hurts. No shit. I know it does, I’m hurting you then laughing at your predicament on purpose. Becareful what you ask for, because i’ll give it to you .. in spades.

Like omg the valley fer sure

Youve been very bad

Well I finally buckled down and got use of dungeon space in the San Fernando Valley for my BDSM sessions yanno for those that cant seem to make it over the hill into LA proper. I’m going to be sessioning out of Sanctuary which is in the Reseda area of the valley. Its has been around for about 10 years so I’m sure you more experienced little freaks have been there already. Nice space, clean, easy to get to and it has everything i would need to torment you in any way i see fit.

I will be available with at least 2 hours  notice for same day appointments and generally from 10am to 10pm. Of course I’m always much happier f i can plan ahead and you know how you would like to make me happy.