On vacation July 6-12


Yeah you heard me. I’ll be on vacation July 6th-12th and not available for sessions. You should have booked me before i left now you are going to lose out and have to wait until my return. This time I’ll be in California wine country. Having live in California all my life this is a trip I’ve never taken before and its about time i did.

Little known fact, i grow my own grapes. This year its too hot, too early and they are already shriveling on the vine.  Cie la vie, it happens and the birds are not disappointed because they have been pillaging those shriveled soon to be raisins for a week now. I really should get out there with the camera and document them before there is nothing left of them.

I’ll be back and ready for sessions on July 13th.  I will have access to email for question and but please don’t call me on vacation to ask a bunch of stupid questions about last minute session i wont be able to schedule.