Worn And Used Items

My well loved, well worn and well used fetish items for sale. From clothes to video props to whatever it is that will make your heart go pitty pat just because they were mine.

All items are worn or used by me prior to being listed here there are no refunds or returns. You buy it, it’s yours to cherish. Descriptions and photos are accurate along with how I personally used the item. Postage is included if you are in the USA if you are not in the US then postage is in addition to the cost of the item.

If you would like to custom request an item email me to discuss. I have an infinity for riding boots and mud since I am an equestrian but I’m open minded, what do you have in mind?

SOLD: My lovingly used red dressage whip. I broke this whip using it. On beast or human? Ha! That’s for me to know and you to dream out. Pictures to come soon. $100.00 USD, Postage included of you are in the USA. This whip is in one piece, just about.

SOLD Ariat Performer Zip Paddock Boots.

I have worn these so well there are holes in them! These are my every day schooling boots, which means I have ridden horses in them every day. Sometimes a couple of different horses a day. They are very well loved and worn to the bone. Lace up, zip back and many hours on my sweaty feet in the irons.  They can be yours for $100.00 USD Email Jenny@goodtimejenny.com for payment directions and inquiries. I hate to give these boots up they are my favorite boots to school horses in and they have served my needs well. Now they can serve your needs!


Erotic femdom hypnosisSkechers Sport Women’s No Limits Slip-On Mules.

My every day slip-on mules. I have worn these these on the deck, out feeding my chickens, while grooming the horses and just tooling around the farm. They have memory foam and are well fitted to my perfect size 8.5 feet. My feet spent a long time in these on hot days and of course never with any socks! They are well worn and my sweaty feet have spent hours upon hours in them. These black and pink, extremely well worn slip-on sneakers and can be yours to do with what you will. $150.00 shipping included IF you are in the USA.

Socks, socks and more socks.

Riding socks, hiking socks, boot socks, nylon socks, cotton socks, over the knee socks and socks I wore in fetish videos. All well worn, dirty and very likely sweaty.

$50.00 a pair postage included if you are in the USA.

How To Purchase Used and worn Items

Just email me JennyDeMiloLLC@gmail.com with which item you are interested in and you can own a little piece of Jenny. It really is that simple.

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