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Boot Domination

New boot domination and boot worship clips added to my fetish hypnosis and clip site. Over the knee super sexy black leather boots, long lean legs and hot sexy wiggly toes.

Lots of fetish clips available in all areas that amuse  me.. cuz we both know its all about me 😉

Erotic Femdom Hypnosis Site Launched

After a few false starts and much hard work i am finally able to announce the launch of my new Erotic Femdom Hypnosis themed website. I own it fully, its not a 3rd party site where you purchase clips and mp3s and i get a cut, its MY site. I pay a 3rd party to process my payments and as a result i can keep my prices for femdom hypnosis mp3s and fetish video clips a little lower. I make more on my self produced content and i pass a savings on to you, Because I’m good like that.

I’m still going to be selling my fetish clips and erotic hypnosis audio recordings though Clips4sale and Clippette this is just one more option for me and luckily for you.

Please take a moment and check out my new erotic femdom hypnosis website explore it to your naughty addicted hearts content. I will be uploading new files all the time and yes you can buy custom fetish clips and audio direct on the new site as well. because i care 😉

Follow directions

Be good or be gone

Its probably a good idea to follow directions if you call for a session. Be that a phone, online or in person session. If you dont you might just get hung up on, or ignored and blocked forever or even yelled at.  Asking a lot of stupid questions after you’ve already been told how to proceed in the lame attempt to get a little hot talk outta me, yeah that’s not going to work. I understand that it can be intimidating to contact a Domme for the first time but don’t let the fact that the idea of being dominated makes your cock twitch as an excuse to forget how to be respectful. Asking me or any Domme 3 times if shes good at what she does cuz you just need to be sure while i can clearly hear you being breathy and likely stroking your non existent cock will get you nothing…ever. So remember use your manners and dont try to pull one over on me, cuz it ain’t my first time at the rodeo!


Auto Tune Your Cock!

Stroke Addict – Femdom Hypnosis:
I made a little auto tune promo for my new Hypnosis Mp3 “Stroke Addict”Because i could and i thought it was fun. You will too. do Listen to it…Stroke addict
To get a real sample of the actual Mp3 goto my Clippette Store

stroke it ..

Trained to stroke, stroke, stroke. Conditioned to obsessively touch your own cock but never cum. the more you stroke the more you want to cum the more you will be addicted to stroking… Powerful Femdom hypno “STROKE ADDICT” directed arousal and stroke addiction/obsession hypno, Be trained and conditioned to crave to stroke for hours at a time but to never cum. and subliminally manipulated into taking the steps to being truly addicted to heightened arousal when you stroke, Being under my command a control you will find it gives you great satisfaction, you in fact find you crave to stroke obsessively but never are you allowed to cum. Be put into a deep trance, have your mind manipulated and played with. Give up all control. Find yourself doing things you never imagined.

Deep dark triggers, subliminal suggestions, back masking, multi back tracks. All the bells and whistles to send you into a deep trance state and leave you addicted to stroking your cock over and over and over and never being able to achieve orgasm stroking just makes you want to stroke more when you are under my control.

Includes: Obsession, stroke addiction, heightened arousal, triggers, subliminal suggestions, double tracks, deep implantation of reactive thoughts.

Cuckoldress- three part cuckolding hypnosis Mp3

3 part series

CUCKOLDRESS: All THREE cuckold Mp3s from the Cuckoldress/cuckolding Femdom hypnosis series in ONE Mp3! All three mp3s in one 40:00 minute Mp3.

Your training begins now with Part One. “Learning to Obey” an arousing induction to seduce you into deep trance, back track and vocal effects to help implant triggers into the recesses of your mind where i will awaken the inner cuckold within you.

Fluffing Part Two “Fluffing” a long arousing and relaxing induction to seduce you into deep trance, Back tracks and vocal effects to help implant triggers into the recesses of your mind where i will awaken and begin your conditioning to learn to love to fluff. Be programed to love to fluff, to need to fluff, to crave to fluff. Clean up duty Part Three.

“Clean up duty” where you will learn to love to eat your mistresses lovers cum and to clean her up after shes been well fucked. An arousing induction to seduce you into deep trance, back track, back masking and vocal effects to help implant triggers into the recesses of your mind. 40:23 $20.00USD

On vacation July 6-12


Yeah you heard me. I’ll be on vacation July 6th-12th and not available for sessions. You should have booked me before i left now you are going to lose out and have to wait until my return. This time I’ll be in California wine country. Having live in California all my life this is a trip I’ve never taken before and its about time i did.

Little known fact, i grow my own grapes. This year its too hot, too early and they are already shriveling on the vine.  Cie la vie, it happens and the birds are not disappointed because they have been pillaging those shriveled soon to be raisins for a week now. I really should get out there with the camera and document them before there is nothing left of them.

I’ll be back and ready for sessions on July 13th.  I will have access to email for question and but please don’t call me on vacation to ask a bunch of stupid questions about last minute session i wont be able to schedule.

Cum Bath – Femdom Hypnosis

Cum Bath Hypnosis

Cum Bath femdom erotic hypnosis, Its  for the serious cum enthusiast. I know you already love cock. Seriously i know. I can tell by how  popular my cock worship and cock obsession Mp3s are how much cock preoccupies so many of my femdom hypnosis fans. So lets see how much you love cum, splodge, seamen, jizz, baby batter. Especially you sissy sluts, you seem to love the joy juice.

I’ve release with  my occasional hypnosis collaborator Sal DeBain, Cum Bath. Its got all the bells and whistles, subliminal suggestions, back tracks, back masking, not to mention it’s powerful vocally and emotionally. Plus it’s professionally produced and arranged (by Sal). What more do you want in cum eating hypnosis training?I know … nothing. It’s sublime.

Take a listen: Cum Bath PREVIEW

Doubles with Goddess Helena

Goddess Helena!

Hey guess what.. I’m now offering doubles with the ever beautiful and down right amazing Goddess Helena. Helena has her own unique style and loves to make sessions something you will never forget. Now you can never  forget the two of us… together.. how lucky are you. Not for the week of heart but for a lucky few it will be an amazing experience you will never be able to forget.

Cockslut Femdom Hypnosis

My latest Femdom hypnosis Mp3 collaboration with Sal DeBain is out and available. Its called “CockSlut” Yes, this is a forced bi BDSM Mp3 audio file. Forcedbi it popular among my Mp3 purchasers so i do like to keep them happy by making more for them to gobble up. (get it gobble up zing!) This a professionally produced and its really for lack of a better term “trippy” it really starts to heat up at about the 7 minute mark when the tracks divide and you get two, two, two tracks in one. Half your brain will hear one side the other half will have a completely difference experience. It really raises the bar on Erotic Femdom Hypnosis.

Hear a sample of Cockslut


Sploshing with Jenny

One thing i love about my job as a professional Dominatrix is that you never know how your day is going to end up. Sex work in general is like that. Sometimes you are just surprised. I as the other day with a sploshing request. Not a common request for me so i jumped at the opportunity to get wet and messy. I had so much more fun then i expected to and … i got pictures!


No pictures please

Chocolate sauce and sexy feet

I spelled my name in syrup

Sploshed Ass

Completly covered in goo


Umm yeah...no

I do not want, need or have any interest in a  house boy, there is no need to call me to “introduce” yourself to me because you are “in the lifestyle”  I think i make this pretty clear. I am only seeing PAID clients. I am only booking sessions where i am compensated for my time with cold hard cash (unless you  own stock in Apple©)

So why do i still get these calls .. oh i know because the “something for nothing” crowd  just throws out the pathetic something for nothing net to as wide an audience as possible in the hopes they will get some sucker to session with them for free… umm cuz they’re a HOUSE BOY. oh whatever wanker.  I’m not interested in your stupid lame tricks I’ve seen 100,000 times before and I’m sure the other 100 women you called today with your obnoxious come on are not interested  as well. If you cant even understand the basic dynamic of a Domme sub  interaction then really what use would you be as a greedy fucking ass hat houseboy. o you wouldnt be you’d be work… and work.. i wanna get paid for.

Umm yeah blocked… the end.

Sissy Slut

Femdom Hypnosis Mp3

New Femdom Hypnosis, Sissy Slut. I love them! I love to dress you up in frills and turn you into my little slut. This is a psychedelic inspired mind bending transformation audio file.  In collaboration with DeBain who is a mainstream known music producer and rockstar lending his talents under a pen name. It  will send you deep into a trans formative trance, just what sissy sluts need.

Listen to just a tidbit: SissySlutPreview

Sissy Slut, is available though my Clippette studio


Like omg the valley fer sure

Youve been very bad

Well I finally buckled down and got use of dungeon space in the San Fernando Valley for my BDSM sessions yanno for those that cant seem to make it over the hill into LA proper. I’m going to be sessioning out of Sanctuary which is in the Reseda area of the valley. Its has been around for about 10 years so I’m sure you more experienced little freaks have been there already. Nice space, clean, easy to get to and it has everything i would need to torment you in any way i see fit.

I will be available with at least 2 hours  notice for same day appointments and generally from 10am to 10pm. Of course I’m always much happier f i can plan ahead and you know how you would like to make me happy.


Communication breakdown

I'll give you a cool hand Luke

Being a submissive is not a euphemism for being a lazy uncommunicative greedy little pig. Though so many potential subs/slaves/clients sure do act like it is. I need to know what you want, need, desire. How else can i determine if I’m the right Pro Domina for you? I know i know it ruins your “fantasy” if you actually have to communicate your needs. Well get over that bullshit you selfish prick. I’m not a Domme robot and if you treat me like one I’ll likely walk out on you, ignore you, hang up, whatever it takes. I am not a mind reader and i can not work out your needs for you. So know what you want, learn how to ask for it. That’s step one and when your ready to actually play, then you have to know how to let me know if somethings not working for you. If you tell me you are interested in nipple torture and out of the kindness of my heart give that to you, and what you really wanted was to worship my amazing long legs, beautiful feet and  sexy black boots …well that’s not going to be a very fun time for anyone now is it?!

So get your shit together, know what you want and stop using “submissive ans an excuse for …”lazy”

Interviews and such

At the suggestion of a friend i decided to seek an interview at a professional dungeon. I wasn’t sure about this as I’m a pretty independent kinda person and i love to just work for myself. The more i thought about it them more the idea of a couple of shifts a week working at a professional dungeon might be well … fun. I am all about fun so i set something up and i interview with one today.

Dungeons are different as the rules are not made by me they are made by the house and i have to work within their structure. That’s cool i can do that and i understand the need for a official sex business to cover their legal asses. For my more seedier sessions, things the Dungeon wouldn’t approve of I’ll just book those on my own time. Potential clients with a taste for something darker already know they cant get what they want at a pro dungeon and likely wont try to push that boundary so i doubt I’ll have a whole lot of appointments, i would have to decline. Provided of course if they take me on after meeting with me.

They’d be crazy not to. I look good, I know what the fuck I’m doing and I will make them a lot of money. I’m the Professional Domina Trifecta.