Communication breakdown

Sessions, Sex work
[caption id="attachment_290" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="I'll give you a cool hand Luke"][/caption] Being a submissive is not a euphemism for being a lazy uncommunicative greedy little pig. Though so many potential subs/slaves/clients sure do act like it is. I need to know what you want, need, desire. How else can i determine if I'm the right Pro Domina for you? I know i know it ruins your "fantasy" if you actually have to communicate your needs. Well get over that bullshit you selfish prick. I'm not a Domme robot and if you treat me like one I'll likely walk out on you, ignore you, hang up, whatever it takes. I am not a mind reader and i can not work out your needs for you. So know what you want, learn…
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Interviews and such

Sex work
At the suggestion of a friend i decided to seek an interview at a professional dungeon. I wasn't sure about this as I'm a pretty independent kinda person and i love to just work for myself. The more i thought about it them more the idea of a couple of shifts a week working at a professional dungeon might be well ... fun. I am all about fun so i set something up and i interview with one today. Dungeons are different as the rules are not made by me they are made by the house and i have to work within their structure. That's cool i can do that and i understand the need for a official sex business to cover their legal asses. For my more seedier sessions,…
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