Communication breakdown

I'll give you a cool hand Luke

Being a submissive is not a euphemism for being a lazy uncommunicative greedy little pig. Though so many potential subs/slaves/clients sure do act like it is. I need to know what you want, need, desire. How else can i determine if I’m the right Pro Domina for you? I know i know it ruins your “fantasy” if you actually have to communicate your needs. Well get over that bullshit you selfish prick. I’m not a Domme robot and if you treat me like one I’ll likely walk out on you, ignore you, hang up, whatever it takes. I am not a mind reader and i can not work out your needs for you. So know what you want, learn how to ask for it. That’s step one and when your ready to actually play, then you have to know how to let me know if somethings not working for you. If you tell me you are interested in nipple torture and out of the kindness of my heart give that to you, and what you really wanted was to worship my amazing long legs, beautiful feet and  sexy black boots …well that’s not going to be a very fun time for anyone now is it?!

So get your shit together, know what you want and stop using “submissive ans an excuse for …”lazy”