It’s called torture for a reason

Shut up and take it

Let’s get this straight there’s a reason its called nipple TORTURE. Its supposed to hurt, its supposed to be unpleasant, over simulated and uncomfortable. That’s part of the charm that is nipple torture. You’re supposed to take it, take the pain because it amuses me, entertains me or just because i said so. I’ll clamp them, clip them, squeeze them, pinch them, slap them, bite them if i feel like it. I expect you to handle it, endure it, deal with it. I dont expect you to request nipple torture, tell me how you love it, how it turns you on and gets you off then then whine like a little fucking girl that it hurts. No shit. I know it does, I’m hurting you then laughing at your predicament on purpose. Becareful what you ask for, because i’ll give it to you .. in spades.