I do not want, need or have any interest in a  house boy, there is no need to call me to “introduce” yourself to me because you are “in the lifestyle”  I think i make this pretty clear. I am only seeing PAID clients. I am only booking sessions where i am compensated for my time with cold hard cash (unless you  own stock in Apple©)

So why do i still get these calls .. oh i know because the “something for nothing” crowd  just throws out the pathetic something for nothing net to as wide an audience as possible in the hopes they will get some sucker to session with them for free… umm cuz they’re a HOUSE BOY. oh whatever wanker.  I’m not interested in your stupid lame tricks I’ve seen 100,000 times before and I’m sure the other 100 women you called today with your obnoxious come on are not interested  as well. If you cant even understand the basic dynamic of a Domme sub  interaction then really what use would you be as a greedy fucking ass hat houseboy. o you wouldnt be you’d be work… and work.. i wanna get paid for.

Umm yeah blocked… the end.