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Stroke Fiend 8, Programmed

Stroke Fiend 8, Programmed

Continuing your training you are now a cum eating machine. Its a vicious cycle. Constantly stroking and slurping up your own cum. You’re aroused more and more often unable to shake the need to take your cock out and jerk its sore redness out of it. Your compulsion is growing, your humiliation at what you are becoming increases. You are being programmed. Programmed into the ultimate stroke fiend.

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Now Available Through Gumroad!

I love Gumroad and you should too, You can read all about how cool they are in Forbes. My Mp3s are now going to be available to purchase on Gumroad. Okay i have no idea what “Gumroad” is supposed to mean but i do know they are secure, cool and easy to use.

More titles will be added all the time, i may even do some limited additions on Gumroad so keep your eyes peeled for all things Mistress DeMilo.
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Auto Tune Your Cock!

Stroke Addict – Femdom Hypnosis:
I made a little auto tune promo for my new Hypnosis Mp3 “Stroke Addict”Because i could and i thought it was fun. You will too. do Listen to it…Stroke addict
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stroke it ..

Trained to stroke, stroke, stroke. Conditioned to obsessively touch your own cock but never cum. the more you stroke the more you want to cum the more you will be addicted to stroking… Powerful Femdom hypno “STROKE ADDICT” directed arousal and stroke addiction/obsession hypno, Be trained and conditioned to crave to stroke for hours at a time but to never cum. and subliminally manipulated into taking the steps to being truly addicted to heightened arousal when you stroke, Being under my command a control you will find it gives you great satisfaction, you in fact find you crave to stroke obsessively but never are you allowed to cum. Be put into a deep trance, have your mind manipulated and played with. Give up all control. Find yourself doing things you never imagined.

Deep dark triggers, subliminal suggestions, back masking, multi back tracks. All the bells and whistles to send you into a deep trance state and leave you addicted to stroking your cock over and over and over and never being able to achieve orgasm stroking just makes you want to stroke more when you are under my control.

Includes: Obsession, stroke addiction, heightened arousal, triggers, subliminal suggestions, double tracks, deep implantation of reactive thoughts.