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Brain Byte Shout Outs

I’m now offering Brain Byte Shout Outs exclusively on Loyal Fans. Whats that you ask? They are sorta like a Cameo only mine are audio only and personalized! How does it work? I will announce the theme on my Loyal Fans timeline. It could be anything. Obedience, service, cock worship, premature ejaculation, sissy training, cuckolding […]

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Spring is for cuckolding

Seems with the warmer weather of spring all the cuckolds come out from under their inferior rocks and want to play. I have a new series in the works just for dirty little cuckolds. For cuckolds who know that black cock will always be better then their useless small nothing cocks. Its true and they […]

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Cuckoldress- three part cuckolding hypnosis Mp3

CUCKOLDRESS: All THREE cuckold Mp3s from the Cuckoldress/cuckolding Femdom hypnosis series in ONE Mp3! All three mp3s in one 40:00 minute Mp3. Your training begins now with Part One. “Learning to Obey” an arousing induction to seduce you into deep trance, back track and vocal effects to help implant triggers into the recesses of your […]