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Brain Byte Shout Outs

I’m now offering Brain Byte Shout Outs exclusively on Loyal Fans. Whats that you ask? They are sorta like a Cameo only mine are audio only and personalized!

How does it work?

I will announce the theme on my Loyal Fans timeline. It could be anything. Obedience, service, cock worship, premature ejaculation, sissy training, cuckolding and the list goes on and on… You click the order shout out button.

You get within 14 days a 5-7 min Brain Byte Affirmation loop of the theme of the day with your Name (or any name) you’d like me to refer to you. Easy Peasy. Please remember that the personalization is your name with the theme of the week. It’s not a custom hypnosis session. If you want one of those reach out to me in DMs on Loyal Fans.

Shout outs open and close depending on the number of orders and the fact that i have only 14 days to finish them and get them to you.So if you see a theme you like ORDER IT cuz ordering might shut down without notice until the next theme.

If you don’t have a Loyal Fans account use my link to sign up for one. It helps me grow on the site when my link is used.

You can both follow me on Loyal Fans (that’s free) or you can subscribe for a small month fee. When you subscribe you get a LOT of exclusive content. Weekly mini sessions just for subscribing and you also get unlocked content like photos, videos and anything else I decide to post for subscribers only. Its soooooo worth the very low subscription fee.

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Loyal Fans is also the ONLY place where you can get personal attention, training and interaction though DMs and an exchange of kinky ideas.So you don’t want to miss out on that!

See ya on Loyal Fans!

New Fan Club Added. Speak To Your Mistress

I went ahead and did it. I now have a fan club once again. As my most loyal followers know i deleted my Only Fans a while back because …. well they suck. I haven’t opened a new fan club until now. I needed to find the right one. I have landed with Loyal Fans.

Its reputation for customer service is A+ and its got so many features that i’m still figuring it all out. If you want to have one on one conversations about what ever is on your mind or interesting that is where i will be. Ill posting exclusive content on Loyal Fans too so you don’t want to miss out.

Right now there’s no subscription to get all the regular content, you just need to follow me. A subscription will come at some point but for now… Naw!

Sign up using my LINK. Seriously If you don’t have an account use my link to sign up. It helps me grow on the site when you do.  Click my button to sign up!