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How to fnd a Dominate woman

Learn it, know it, live it

I know its not easy for some of you to get up the nerve to call a Domme. That your desires are often your big and well kept secret. How devistating it must be when you get up the nerve make the call then blunder though it and not connect or worse piss off the Mistress on the other line because you make mistake after mistake in how to talk and deal with her. Yes, there is a correct way or rather a best way to contact a Professional Domme. One that both gets you to your desired goal (an amazing session) and doesn’t piss off the women you are attempting to connect with so that she will refuse to meet with you.It happens more then you think it does.

Lucky for you my friend Serene Sin is teaching a class on how to find a dominate women. Serene is a BDSM sex educator and professional Domina. She has a very clam way about her and is pretty much the most accepting of people I have recently encountered in the BDSM community. You would never feel uncomfortable at one of Serene’s classes or events. This is a class that potential clients and those looking to connect with Dominate women really should think about taking. You will only need your class fee, an email address and to remember to tell her that it was from ME Mistress DeMilo that you heard about the class. Simple as pie and well worth the effort. I can guarantee you will have better luck with your interactions with Dominate women after Serenes class.

Event Info:

Sunday, May 29, 2011


4117 Overland, Culver City, CA 90230

$30 at the door. Remember to use Mistress DeMilo as your reference.


I will be at Domcom 5/19-5/22

Cie Moi

Domcom is a fairly long standing tradition. A lifestyle and Pro domination convention held both here in LA as well as Atlanta, GA. It’s grown since I first attended many years ago. Though I was fairly UTR at the time. It now draws fetish people from all over the world and this year I will be one of them.  I’ll be in and out over the 4 days of fetish fun and frolic. I’ll also be available for sessions as well, as there will be a shuttle from the Airport to the new Sanctuary LAX dungeon space that will be in the space formerly known as Passive Arts.

I tend to be a little low key at these kinds of things, you won’t see me attention whoring it up in some elaborate latex or leather outfit or anything like that.  I’ll be in street wear cuz as much as i love attention and am quite able to attention whore it up,  I also know how to act in public, which is probably why I have so many sexy dinner dates and semi public humiliation sessions… I know how to make you feel small, humiliated and worthless without all the costumes, pomp and circumstance and theatre. I’m good like that.

If you are at Domcom and see me feel free to come up an say hi, you can also pre-book a session or two if you are so inclined.

Domcon 2011

May 18th -22nd,  2011
The Los Angeles Hilton Hotel LAX  Los Angeles Airport
5711 West Century  Blvd.,
Los Angeles, CA 90045


The Domina Panel

The Domina Panel

The phone rang a it was Serene the woman behind ” The Domina Panel” I had heard of her but have never met her before, a mutual friend prompted her to give me a ring as she thought we might get along and be of help to each other. Serene was pleasant and frank and i love both those qualities in people. She invited me to her event and gave me a little history about her and her goals with community building. I agreed to attend because Serene is aptly named her sincerity came though in spades and that is a rare quality in the BDSM community at large. Maybe you should  attend too..


March 20, 2011, 3:00-7:00 PM

The Stockroom, 2811 W. Sunset Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90026