Wall Of Shame

If you steal from me you will be hunted down with the intent to shame and humiliate you. It is real easy to find you thieves too. I think you all really want to get caught. In any event here is the list of thieves for all the world to see. If you find yourself on this list oh well sucks to be you, I hope when you get Googled for that next job your prospective employer sees that you like to steal content from hard working Dommes and that you clearly have a desire to suck a hard cock and watch a lot of tranny porn while on the job. Want your dumb ass named removed? Pay back what you stole and poof you’re deleted.

PUBLIC EXPOSURE! Don’t be this fag!

fagslaveexposed85Please Welcome the newest member of my wall of shame sfag slave vincent! This little piggy isn’t a thief but a full blown secret fag that gets excited at the thought of public exposure. Imagine that! Lets make him famous or rather lets make his love of hard fat cock famous. He’s been keeping this secret for a long time from his long suffering wife! Poor women doesn’t know her husband likes it when stronger better harder men use him like a faggot fuckdoll. Cant you just see his mouth being used as a cum dumpster. I know I can, what a fag.


Country France.  Paris

French Yahoo is his email

Enjoys soccer (probably so he can eyeball the other guys, gross!)

Of course hes on NF buying up all my cock sucking mp3s, dreaming of all those cocks in his mouth.

One of the sessions this secret fag listens to is Premature Ejaculator. He not only wants to suck a lot of cock behind his wives back but he wants to make sure he blows his load early. What a total freak!

Andrew S Usher

Email: justandrewu@gmail.com

Address: 2009 Suber Mill Rd Greer, SC 29650

Age: 24

Greer Highschool marching band member (loser!)

Bought files to make his pathetic dick limp using his mother Tammy’s credit card. What a fucking loser. I’m sure mommy was so proud when she called to remove the charges and saw what he bought. Youre typical 24 year old douche bag

Social Media:





His ugly fucking mug with his prom date. Poor girl, had to be seen with him.



 John X [Paid what he stole, he’s been removed]

Name: Yosef Tzdoak aka Sharit SHAY aka Yarin Shay

Emails: ninjajew13@gmail.com – aupogamesil@gmail.com – thesuperjew1@gmail.com

Social Media: https://plus.google.com/112451835622977827883/posts


IPs: and

Location: Netanya Isreal

Crime: Charged back legitimate purchases commenting friendly fraud. Sent me a boring begging email explaining it was all a big mistake and would pay back what he owed  me and  he never followed though. He charged backed 9 other hard working content providers in his spree of bullshit. Is likely using a relatives credit card and really i hope the relative finds him and beats his slimy ass into the ground after their name is connected to this wall of shame posting. He’s into boring old tits, pussy and ass hypnosis videos (yawn). Typical white bread idiot with no imagination. Also financial domination which is hilarious from someone who charges back after he gets off.


Name: Davis Tiburzi, Williamsville, NY Toyconcepts@aol.com (yes i do have his actual address and that of his place of business) Davis is also a director of a well known charity in his home town.

Lives in a 350,00o.00 home w/ his wife, who is a nurse and son who spends a lot of time on Facebook

Crime: shared multiple files against my copyright even though he knows its wrong

Kinks: Based on the files he downloaded Davis enjoys hypnosis with the intent to make his dick limp and also has a special love for sucking cock and likes to be called a fag. Likely because hes closeted and ashamed


Name: Earl X [Paid what he stole, he has been removed]