Follow Plus

Its new and its going to be great. I know you like following me on twitter and that’s great but every tom dick and time-waster can do that. I just found out about Follow Plus. […]


The latest and greatest hypnosis Mp3s!

All my latest Hypnosis Mp3s in one easy place! I made it easy for you to get the latest and greatest because that’s how i roll. Added in order of release date by month. Femdom […]


Right heres where you start paying

trib·ute noun noun: tribute; plural noun: tributes   an act, statement, or gift that is intended to show gratitude, respect, or admiration.   historical payment made periodically by one state or ruler to another, especially […]


The Wall Of Shame

You’re out looking for that next job and it seems like you’re never getting any interviews even though you are qualified. On a lark you Google yourself and discover you are listed on my Wall […]


Sissy Sex Slave Erotic Hypnosis

Transformation and sissy sex slave and training. Transformed into a sissy sex slave. Obsessed with dressing up and serving cock you are ordered to service. Mesmerized. You cant stop yourself from the transformation taking place […]


Metamorphosis Part Two- Homewrecking Session

Part two takes you even further into home-wrecking and mind fuck femdom hypnosis then part one did and that was pretty far.  face it, your marriage is doomed because you love cock more then you […]


Submit to my strap on- New release

Give yourself up to my amazingly hard strap on cock. I know this is what you dream about at night when you are alone. being able to take… whatever I feel like dishing  out. Especially […]


Limp Dick Forever

Strong libido modification trance training. Impotency training and conditioning. You will be trained and your body will be modified. Your once hard cock will get limper and limper, softer and softer. Your male hormones will […]


Sissy Slut Video Tease

Sissy Training….


Bottom Of The Sexual Food Chain

New Session for Jan 2015! Bottom of the sexual food chain! I know what you are and its time you figured it out. You are on the bottom of the sexual food chain. A lowly […]